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My name is Blair.  For many years I practised as an architect here in Auckland. I only have my nose in the design magazines these days – my eyes (or eye) seldom looks up from the viewfinder.  I walk into a lot of things!  

Architectural photography (and probably all forms and genres of photography for that matter), however, can and probably should, be anything but traditional.  Just as each built form differs from the next, so should every photographic record made of it – reflecting its uniqueness, in concept, appearance, context and use. Easier said than done, right?  But in approaching each project with innovative technique and open-minded creative thinking, it’s possible, and it’s my goal.  

So yes I think creatively, but as a professional in the building and construction industry for over 20 years I also think commercially – and I know you do too.  I’m about interpreting your brief and your vision, to surprise you with the photographs you weren’t anticipating.



Can you meet my other photographic needs?

Yes, definitely.  Photography is no different to any other industry, wherein professionals tend to specialise in one field or another.  My interest, background and training is in architectural photography, however please don’t hesitate to talk to me about your ‘other’ photographic needs – I can absolutely help.

How do you charge for your architectural photography?

Pricing will vary, depending on the scope of your needs and the intended use of the images.  Generally I can provide you with a quote either on the phone, or soon after. 

How much post-processing (or digital editing) do you do?

Typically I will price to include standard post-processing. Using industry standard Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, image adjustment is a relatively streamlined and efficient process, however, as a general rule of thumb post-processing will still take approximately one to two hours for every hour on site.

Do I own the images?

No, I retain the copyright, as is standard practice in the photographic industry.  The images will be licenced to you and my standard agreement gives you wide latitude on what you can do with the images (as written into the terms of the licence).  It is possible to purchase the copyright outright, but this can be expensive and is generally unnecessary when measured against what the licence allows.

Can I pass on some of the images for a third party to use?

No. All third parties wishing to use the commissioned photography must be directed to BLAIR HASTINGS PHOTOGRAPHY to negotiate the right to use such images. However, if you know of any third party is likely to use the images, an agreement can be worked through prior to commencing.

How many photographs should I expect to receive from a standard photo shoot?

Of course it depends. I’ll discuss this with you at the outset.  The biggest myth in digital photography is that more is more.  All images typically require a minimum of post processing, and digital processing takes time.  In photography, less is often more.

Can I expect my photographs to look like the work on your website?

Yes, of course. It doesn’t matter if your project is a large complex building or a single exterior view – you’ll always get my best work.  The images on the website represent a range of assignments, both large and small, to a wide range of budgets.



“Just wanted to say again how much I appreciate you being so accommodating about the photography for the magazine.  Every new image of yours I pop in lifts the whole page.  You really are a fantastic photographer and I’m super impressed with the images you managed to capture from our not-so-beautiful sites.  I also love the emotion that your images capture – that special sense of nostalgia or uniquely New Zealand-ness.”


“I chose Blair because of his Architectural background, knowing he would have an eye for the detail and the expression of our design intent; he proved to be the right choice.  We will continue using Blair for our completed projects as he worked very well with the owners and provided a superior service to us.”



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